Life Love Loss


life love loss

Life Love Loss

Three key moments in life.
Words that each have their own distinct meaning, yet are so closely connected.
With love in the centre: loving somebody, at its purest.
This extraordinary concept lets our emotions find their way to our loved ones.

Simplicity and technology go hand in hand and make for unique, personalised chefs d'oeuvre.
Tinne Debruijne’s design gives us a very special way to express our message to those with whom we
want to immortalise our connection.

3 dimensional
3 kinds of feelings
3 different events

The birth of a child. The marriage of two beloved. Parting from somebody we hold dear.

Life Love Loss


Available colors:

  • Pinky Pinky
  • Sepia Sepia
  • Baby blue Baby blue
  • Blues Blues
  • Spring Spring
  • Classic Classic
  • Iceblue Iceblue
  • Bronz Bronz
  • FC FC

Het team

Tinne Debruijne

The birth of an idea.

Tinne Debruijne has been working on the concept of ‘unspoken words’ since 2001.

It grew from a personal experience, in which a young woman's sorrow and the words ‘there is so much I still want to tell you’ had such a deep impact on her and moved her to her very core. She started designing a range of personalised urns to yet capture these words soon after.

The LifeLoveLoss collection now takes this concept to a new level, both honouring the dead and celebrating life's major events such as birth and marriage.

Tinne and 3Dmatic
join forces.

Handmade objects make way for 3D technology, opening up a new level of personalisation which, in turn, makes for surprising and original pieces.

  • Tinne Debruijne

    Tinne Debruijne

    Mind, body, soul and simplicity.
    These words reflect Tinne's work as a contemporary ceramicist. From idea to design, from clay to art, never losing sight of simplicity.
    The passion for the matter is the driving force behind Tinne's choice to work professionally with ceramics.
    Designing has always been a major part of her life, as illustrated by her background as an independent interior architect, senior web designer at Boondoggle and a designer for Belgian decoration brand D&M Depot. It therefore comes as no surprise that the originality and character of her creations have succeeded in moving people for the past 15 years.
    The collaboration with 3Dmatic opens a whole new world and 3D-printing is a fantastic platform for her designs without creative restraints.

  • Peter Van de Poel

    Peter Van de Poel

    Peter has over 20 years of sales experience and feels right at home as the leader of a dynamic sales team.
    Extensive experience in diverse domains, the last 6 years of which he spent as a consultant for exclusive contracts in the telecommunications market, has taught him to embrace diversity and to go all out for his projects at all times.
    Product knowledge, proper support and an honest approach are but a few of the assets enabling him to provide high-quality service, thereby creating a profound relationship of confidence with his clients and customers.
    Peter guarantees correct processing, a speedy approach and swift follow-up: absolute necessities in the field of "on-time-on-demand marketing".
    3D printing is a new challenge to him and the LifeLoveLoss concept has already stolen his heart.

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